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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New small tapestry loom all warped up

I had a particularly messed up day yesterday and didn't do a single artistic thing...not one.  

However, I did start a new weaving a few days ago on my new, home-made tapestry loom.  

This is a tapestry weave, also know as an even weave, which means over one under one for one row and then reverse on the next row and repeat.  Because of the wide spacing of the warp threads ( the vertical threads), it creates what is known as a weft (horizontal threads) faced fabric.  

Weft faced fabric can range from very boardy and stiff to very soft and slinky.  These things are controlled by spacing, fiber content and how tough you pack down the weft (horizontal) thread.  It can be very creative since only the horizontal thread shows you have complet design control, anything from pictorials to simple stripes.

This one is white on white and I am using multiple's of Soumak.  Soumak is a kind of wrapping technique that creates little raised designs that look like an embroidery stitch and sometimes a crochet chain stitch.  Depending on which side you start and/or how many warp threads you cross over.  

This piece is 100% cotton, peaches and cream cotton actually, the color is called natural.  It could actually be used for just about anything from a wash cloth to a doily or even a handbag which is what I will probably use it for.

Pictures to follow.   There are close ups of the Loom as well as the weaving, in case anyone else wanted to build one.


UniqueDesignsbyMsP said...

I wish I had the talent to weave.

pinky said...

looks great. I always wanted to do something like that.

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