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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Social networking, blogging, tweeting...what for?

October 2, 2011

It is Sunday morning.  I am sitting with my coffee going through my usual 'waking up' routine.  

Email, check, Facebook Fan page, check, horoscope, check, Facebook personal page, check...wait, where the heck is my horoscope?  And there are no tweets on my FB page or my blog kisok.  Well, dammit, FB has screwed things up AGAIN.  Worse, I think they did away with the RSS feeds altogether...but I am not sure.  I am not a computer illiterate, but I can't seem to figure it out, again, nor do I wish to spend my morning all irritated about it.  

All of my 'fans' Avatar's have disappeared also.  Who knows what I accidentally clicked on for that to happen...sure as hell can't figure out how to undo it.  I just don't understand why in the world every few months they have to fix things that aren't even broken.  I am very very very tired of relearning how to use my own social networking page.

So communications are down with most of my fans, I can't even find half of them...what ever subscriptions are I don't seem to have many of those.  

I also gave up my Artfire shop not long ago.  It got to the point that I was spending so much time on the computer I was fighting for time to actually produce art.  Not to mention every time I sat down to do some, I had to think and think and think about what might sell.  This has actually taken a very lot of the fun out it for me. 

So, I have made a corporate decision.  Instead of all of the hoopla on Facebook, I am going to concern myself with my blog, as I always have actually, instead.  I will check e mails, and Facebook in case someone is trying to reach me there.  But it will no longer be a critical to me.  I will be spending my time here, and on Ravelry, and if I can find one I like (that makes sense) I might move over to another social netowork.  Maybe.  

I like that the blog is all up to me.  I can add kiosk's, or feeds, or widgets as I please.  And not as they make me do.  

I have been rather slack on the blog of late.  I only have one post done ahead instead of my usual month or more.  So tomorrow there will be a post as usual, and from there you may see more than the usual Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts.  This blog has kind of become a sort of diary to me.  So if my ramblings and my life/art interest you...stay tuned.  This is where I will be concentrating my efforts.  Along with my art of course.

Oh yeah!  Look what I did!

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