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Friday, October 14, 2011

I've been doing some spinning also!

October 13, 2011

Here is another one of my on-going projects.  Spinning up some wool on my hand carved spindles by Ms. popsicletote from Ravelry!  Aren't they cool!  The yarn isn't bad either.

I have had the roving for quite some time now.  As a matter of fact I have a LARGE basket full of roving in storage that I just keep chipping away at.  I think this will turn out to be sock yarn at some point...not sure though, I might try weaving it into something who knows. 

It spins up nice and fine and I usually use my spindles as support spindles in my lap in my recliner as I am listing to the television.  Aren't the colors vibrant!  Did I mention I am into the Fall colors lately?

This spindle is a phang, and it is carved of cypress and spruce.  The whorl is bark!  How cool is that?

I added the phone for a size reference. 

Did I mention Fall colors?  lol

I love the way all of the roving looks in one basket with all of those vibrant colors.

And I have even been chipping away at some cotton roving.  Spinning is great when I am don't have a particular weaving idea going on in my head.  I love using my own hand coiled pine needle baskets too.  Hand crafted anything is the bomb!  This spindle is one I got in a swap along with the pink and yellow roving you see in the basket above.  Great for cotton.  Just the perfect weight.  Not that I know much about the technical end of spinning yarn.

O.K. I think I am all caught up now.  See ya soon.  Gotta go work on those Christmas presents.

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