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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I've been doing a little bit of knitting.

October 11, 2011

I've been working on a pair of all cotton socks.  Un-mercerized at that. I wanted to try a tube sock for the first time, and of course in my small living area do not have immediate access to all of my yarns.

So I decided to make the two toes opposites, the bodies the same, and the cuff's will be opposites also.  They are called bed socks in one of my sock books.  So that is what I have intended them for, sleeping in or just padding around the house in.  They are not intended to wear inside of a shoe.

Since they are of cotton, they will of course shrink considerably so they are made larger than needed.  Actually much too large for me in all probability.  Luckily I know several ladies with largish feet, so they can easily be gifted out for the holiday's.  I also know several who absolutely love purple. 

I have read that because they spiral, they wear well.  They form fit the foot, and as the heel never rests in the same spot, they are less likely to get holes in them.  Knitting hurts my hands at times, especially doing the heels and toes.  Probably grip the needles waaaayyyyy too tight.  But between that, and the fact that getting socks to fit well is problematic at times, I don't knit often. 

I was on a mission when I decided to take up knitting.  I wanted something more portable than weaving and it worked well for that.  Unfortunately, not a soul in Florida could teach me how to knit a sock and so I had to learn it all on my own.  It took me over a year, but I did master it.  Started out with Christmas stockings and then onto human fitted socks.  I probably made about 30 or so pairs.  Then it was back to weaving, my first love!

So here are a few pics, they have been on the needles for quite some time and I am trying very hard to get them finished.

First the proverbial knitting basket.

And a close up of the spiraling. 

I am husbanding my sock yarn.  As you can see I had a little left over from 2 previous pairs of socks.  I will make the cuffs out of the same yarns, but opposite of each other.  I think they will be cute, and I happen to know an 11 yr. old who will adore them.

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Krafty Max Originals said...

OMG, she'll love those!! They look like 'hippy chick' toes!! ~KM

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