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Monday, July 11, 2011

Success with a Backstrap!

June 12, 2011

So I am finally having success with the backstrap...sort of.  As usual I was just happy to get it warped somewhat successfully.  Reasonable tension and length.  Didn't even count the warp...let alone have a design plan.

So far all I have is my mark...for the second time. 

It is 5 ft. long, 56 warp ends, 1 3/4 in. wide.  Didn't even think to take a photo of the back side.  :-(  Especially after having to unweave the effort down to the first 4 rows. 

You know the OCD is kicking in when you can't sleep ( all night I might add ) because all you can think about is ... now that it is warped what design do I want to do?  LOL


I am really just playing around with this one.  It is boring me to tears and so I have even started other projects with other backstrap looms.

Stay tuned for 'warp floats galore'.

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