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Friday, July 15, 2011

Dana's newest piece...and a few random thoughts! (rough draft)

June 24, 2011

Dana conquered 'warp floats galore'!  I still haven't figured this one out.  So I guess at this point the student has indeed surpassed the teacher. She even did it on a backstrap loom.  I am so envious of her natural talent for this type of weaving!  Job well done Dana!

Here you see the hand carved spindle one of the ladies on Ravelry gifted me.  This is the same lady who gifted me the Turkish spindle months ago.  She also sent me this gorgeous wool/silk blend roving!    So many gifted and generous people on Ravelry.

It is fashioned after a 'Phang' spindle.  I believe the shaft is Cypress, but get this, the whorl (dark circular piece) is made of Spruce bark!   Man I wish I were not so dangerous with a knife.  I would try this myself.

For now I will just have to be satisfied with sand paper and making my own swords, shuttles and backstrap loom bars.  Eventually I intend to make myself a set out of Oak that I cut from the tree myself.

Here you see my solution to an expensive warp board.  I bought five so I can create my cross, even when separating out the stripe colors for warp floats.  The fifth one is for turning a corner if I want to make a longer warp.  These are called bar clamps and I can clip them to most anything, thus creating warp posts.  I bought 5 for $6.98 a piece at the local Home Depot store.  I kept the receipt just in case I don't like doing it this way.  See I am accustomed to the posts being horizontal, like on a warp board.  These being vertical will take a little getting used to for sure.  The bars are 12 in. long so that if I have to clip to something thick, I still have plenty of post to warp on.

The little table they are clipped to was a $5.00 find at the local thrift store.  Being home made and unfinished it has made a fabulous care free work table that also folds up when not in use. 

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