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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Home made spindle and cotton sliver!

May 22, 2011  Sunday

I decided since I already had the fiber to add some Indigo to my spinning project.  

I already have plenty of white, spun, re-spun and plied.  I also have a good size ball of denim blue completed to go with it.  Now I am working on the Indigo.  

I have a hard time with the turkish spindle arms getting in my way and bumping things when I support spin in my recliner.  The tahkli is so small I fill it very quickly...so I made myself a light weight support/drop spindle out of a dowel and some wooden toy wheels I had around the house.  

I used it as a support spindle today...off and on ALL day.  I probably got this fiber when I purchased my wheel in 2005.  I have 8 oz. of it....TONS...lol

I forgot to weigh the spindle so I have no idea who much I have spun.  For those of you who don't spin, it probably doesn't look like much.  But for those who do, especially those who spin cotton, you know there are yards and yards and yards on this little spindle (maybe miles).  I think it is about the size of #10 crochet thread.  I am glad to report that my consistency has improved greatly over the last few months.  Still got lots to do though if I am going to do a warp face project with it.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.   

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