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Friday, July 15, 2011

Crystal's Birthday and some new backstrap tools.


Today my baby turns 29!  How did that happen?  I was just 29 myself.  Happy birthday Pistal!  Here favorite color is Eggplant purple...thus the purple font!  LOL

I sent her a little envelope pouch for a little surprise.  She is in Nevada and I am hating not seeing her on her birthday.

Hers is the little black and white one on the left.  My very first pebble weave piece.  She already has it and says she is using it for her sunglasses!  I love that!

I have been making a few new weaving tools of late, getting ready for the big move back to FL.  Trying to make everything more portable.  I even gifted and sold a couple of these on Ravelry!  

They are just hardware lumber, but I shape them by hand all by myself.  

If anyone needs any feel free to contact me via the blog!  I sell them for $1.00 an inch.  So a 10 in. sword costs $10.00 PLUS shipping and handling!

This one is brand new.  I will give it a swipe with orange oil to make that beautiful wood grain show up nicely.

The top one is made from a Home Depot paint stick, as are many of my tools.  The middle piece has been with me for many years.  I couldn't believe how much grime came off of it when I sanded it.  It did take off most of the pretty golden color when I sanded it though.  It is made from Lattice from Home Depot, just like the new one.

Here you see my new backstrap bars.  They are Oak and  all grooved on the ends (with a dremel), sanded and lightly oiled.  Aren't they pretty!

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