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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Warp Floats Galore.

 June 27, 2011

TADA!  My second warp floats galore.  The hook design Laverne did last week in black and white is definitely on the list!  And I did it on the backstrap!  Woohoo!  The warp is 3 ft. and I still have plenty to do, but going more narrow seems to be helping!  No more stripes if I don't want them. Odd how I figured it out after the stripes stopped bothering me.  It isn't free form but it is what I wanted it to be at that moment...and a struggle to get there!

FYI to all of my wonderful followers...I am in the process of a move back to FL...starting tomorrow morning as you are reading this.  I hope that I have enough posts to keep you happy until I can get back on line.  I will miss you all and be back as soon as possible.  Can't wait to see the Ocean!

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