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Monday, July 4, 2011

Poncho project!

May 21, 2011   Saturday

So I took all of my bands down off my curtain rod (I hang them up just so I can look at them)...got out the straight pins (my hands are now officially pin cushions) and a piece of 'practice' fabric the size I wanted to poncho to be and started playing around with the placement.  Grrrrrrrr

Keep in mind that I live in the DEEP south USA and I never took out not one jacket this Winter.  Only long sleeve shirts and sweaters.  I wanted a 'light' poncho.  Imagine my surprise that the thing weighs 50 lbs.  BUMMER!  BUMMER!  BUMMER!    So then I talked to my friend who sews and asked....how about we just use the bands for trim on a poncho?  Say all around the outer edge's and the neckline, with a kind of muffler (pocket) for my hands?  Maybe even a muffler pocket on each side so it is reversible.

So more pinning.

It is still heavy so I will have to have to think hard about what fabric to use to keep it from hanging funky.  I wish she had been here...but that will come.  On the good side I have tons of bands to choose from...I almost had enough to fill the practice fabric.  But for now I am not sure I even want a poncho ;((((.  A good 1/3 of the pieces are wide and short...not long strips...more like table center pieces, great for gift giving...especially since I have no job.  Even then I still have plenty of LONG bands for trim on a poncho.

I have never had a handwoven wearable piece...certainly not of my own weavings.  The closest I got to wearing my own fiber art was hand knit socks...which I love...but again the DEEP south...don't wear socks much and knitting kills my old lady hands.  So basically I am back to the drawing board...but very prepared for the holiday season already this year.  That is a plus though.

At the very least I am having to re-think the project...

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