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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Yesterday I couldn't leave the house to distribute flyers due to car problems. 

So I decided I needed a new pic for the flyer itself.  You see the very first one I gave out, the lady as me 'what is a spindle'.  I found that strange myself, because even before I became involved with the fiber arts I knew that a spindle was somehow used to spin yarn.

Since it is one of the workshops I will be offering, I felt that I needed to place some spindles in the pic with the loom just in case others needed to see it to know what it was.

This being the case I figured it should indeed have something spun (yarn) on it.  This being Georgia and cotton season just upon us, I figured Cotton was a good thing to start with.  Especially since I happen to have a whole trunk of it.  Also, I have 3 different kinds of spindle so I figured I should show at least 2.  Sooooo, I got out my fiber and spun all day with spindles.  Haven't used one in a few years, so I kind of had to start at the beginning all over again.  Of course I find it faster to use my spinning wheel, but they don't have spinning wheels for me to use at the school so this is not conducive to the workshops. 

I also needed to dig out the spindles and fiber because when I do go downtown to hand out more of my cards and flyers, I am going to take some fiber and a spindle and sit in the little town square and spin.  Hopefully this will draw some attention and help me market myself.  The looms are a little too heavy to carry around.

The new pic with looms and spindles will be on the flyer but I will post them here for you to see also.

Today I volunteered to help with some sort of fund raiser at the Art Center for a couple of hours.  Gotta go for now everyone.  Hope I am not boring everyone to tears. 

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