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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trying to warp face weave on a Tapestry loom!

I was up VERY late 2 nights in a row trying to figure out how I can get a warp face (all you would see is the up and down threads) weave on my Tapestry loom.  Usually I do weft face weave (where all you would see is the horizontal threads) which is what tapestry looms lend themselves to.

Basically I am trying to do the kind of weaving that a Backstrap or Inkle loom produce on another type of loom (tapestry).  What this means is I am trying to learn a new weave which is completely the reverse of what I usually do. 

I did get the loom warped up and I did learn a lot.  But this time the warp will not be used as the learning curve was just too great!  My heddles are too thick and not slick enough and getting the tension correct is a dismal failure. 

I also completed Alyssa's handbag weaving.  I was waiting for the mail to deliver the yarn I needed, (I ran out of what she sent me) and I guess it became lost in the mail.  At this point she has spend way too much money for this bag, so I went to WalMart and bought something out of their miserable selection and found a way to complete the weaving.  Good thing I have something of an eye for design.  Anyway, today I will be stitching the bag together.  There will pictures posted as soon as I can. 

I have also been thinking about creating a pouch bag for the little red rag rug I made.  I would be small and actually simply a pouch with a button.  Nothing fancy for finish work as the weaving itself is so rich I don't want to detract from it.

After that I have to complete some new business cards and tomorrow I will go down to the town square to walk around and see if I can give out some flyers and cards for my workshops that start at the Art Center on September 7th.  Hope I can scare up some students.

Oh yeah, and of course try to finish coloring in my recent drawing, kind of a stained glass piece, and warp up both of my now empty looms.  Whew!!!  I went from having everything on hold because of the biopsy to everything exploding on me in a matter of 3 days.  Busy Busy Busy!  So glad to have a reason to get out of bed again.

So that , what I am up to these days!  I really haven't even had much time for working my web sites, and I am completely off track with my 'Wonderful Wednesday Features'!  I think I will pick back up on that when I get a little more settled in at the Art Center.

In the meanwhile Lacy, and Wiggles and I say stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel and we will TTYL!

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Laverne said...

Keep trying Marsha! I wove a lot of warp-faced pieces on my Navajo loom, which I had formerly used for tapestry, before I got completely involved in the backstrap loom.


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