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Monday, August 30, 2010

Newest project / Rag Rug

After I went to help with the fundraiser on Saturday I came home and could finally get ready to weave.

I have yarn on two different types of spindles for my flyer pictures, and both of my looms warped up for the same purpose.   I decided to do a rag rug on the large loom and a weaving for another handbag for my artfire site on the smaller one.

Sooooooo, I cut up t-shirts for three hrs. when I got home.  I cut them into strips, stretched them so they would curl in on themselves to create a tube of t-shirt yarn and then hand knotted them together.  I chose pinks, purples, white, and gray.  Below you will see a picture of the completed ball of yarn.  I took the picture with Lacy in it for a point of reference.  The ball is hysterically huge.  LOL! I think I should have enough.

The game plan is to take a photo of the looms and spindles all together.  However, I think it will have more 'punch' if I have them 'in use'.  So now after 3 days of prep I am  ready.

I will be sure to post pictures of the final flyer!

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