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Monday, August 23, 2010

Colquitt County Art Center / Open house!

Ok sooooo, the open house was not really a BIG event.  Remember Moultrie, GA is a VERY small town.

I did give out some information about the classes I am offering and talked to other instructors.  Lots of info about what to or not to do.  I definitely need to update my business cards.

In the pictures you will see pictures of my weavings hanging in the hall outside the room I will be using when I get some students.  Classes technically start Tuesday, September the 7th.  

I took my looms and demonstrated tapestry weaving.  Unfortunately I didn't think to also take my pine needle baskets or any of my drawings.  I won't be teaching drawing anyway, but I have thought of teaching Pine needle basket weaving / coiling.  Also, if I sell anything inside the art center they get 30%.  But a sale is still better than none at this point.

The Art center is only open 10 to 2 on Saturdays, open house was from 11 to 1.  I stayed the entire 4 hours.

I do wish I had some of my nicer weavings!  Most of them have gifted our though so I just worked with what I have.  Also I didn't know they wanted the weavings displayed so soon.  I thought I was going to put them up before the Annual Quilt show in September.  I really didn't even have time to wash and press them :o(.

But considering that I wasn't sure about the biopsy thing or if I was even going to be able to commit to anything workshops at all I am pleased just to be getting involved! 

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