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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday Feature

Today's Wonderful Wednesday Feature Artist is brilliant and not my usual . I didn't find him on Etsy...as a matter of fact I can't remember how I found him.  I am just glad I did.   I really don't know a lot about him but I do know that I just love how his mind works and the results there of.

He is simply amazing. 

His name is Andrew Chase and he has art everywhere.  This only one site and a fraction of his work.

He works with metal parts to create wonderful sculptures.   If you click on this Link it will take you to one of his page's and show you where to find him, his blog and whatever else you might need.  His art is everywhere so do a google search and you won't be disappointed.

I love his work so let's show him a little artistic love and support.

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Krafty Max Originals said...

oh my goodness, these are amazing!!! They are so very lifelike and also so mechanical....oh my!! Thank you so very much for sharing....on my way to check out his other work! ~KM

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