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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Self expression

I have been reading on the blog "Art is FUN" and a lot of what she has to say is about making sense of chaos with her art, getting lost in the process and other philosophical aspects.  On contemplating this I would have to say that I agree.

I find my art 'mind freeing'.  Often I get so involved that I lose all track of time.  I have even read about this in many art books.  It has something to do with the right brain left brain thing.  It seems that there is also the fact that I produce more art that I am pleased with when I am in this 'other' state of mine.  I do realize that it is a form of escape, however we all escape in one form or another.  I just happen to find this one enjoyable and productive.

At night I often have trouble 'turning off my brain' and that little voice in my head goes over and over and over the same things.  Don't forget to call the bank tomorrow, oh yeah and its garbage day too, so and so's birthday is next friday, etc...  Often if I write these things down it will quiet down.  Maybe because then I know they won't be forgotten.  So why is it if I get up and work on the art it also helps?

And then there are the times when the art just doesn't come easily and IT is one of the things running around in my head at night.  There are also times when the newest idea, or design starts to form and I can't think about anything else because IT is circling around in my head. And then there is that feeling of...WOW!, and wonderment and the ultimate question of "I did that"?

Am I hitting close to home for any of you?

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