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Friday, July 2, 2010

What's on the Loom????

I worked on the pot holder loom yesterday.  Kind of set a goal for myself to do one quick and small project in between each large one.  This loom looks like it would be easy to use.  Deceiving. 

Like most weaving there are pro's and con's to each process.  I am still trying to get a piece I am happy with.  Trying different yarns and such.  

I want to try to sell cotton handwoven dish/bath cloths.  Well, the only one so far that I felt was good enough to sell went to my friend Kraftymax for her birthday.  It was the white one for all who follow regularly and have seen it.  Funny thing though, I did a few years back and I don't remember having this much problem.  Or maybe I did, and that is why I went back to what I am good at, Tapestry weaving.

Any who here is a picture of the first one I did yesterday.  I have a yellow one on the loom right now that I will finish later today. 

I will also finish the strap for the completed Periwinkle and white, homespun cotton, "  tote" , and list it on my artfire site.  Those are my "  HAVE TO'S"  ...for today.

Then comes the fun of getting back to my Gecko weaving over the weekend.   I have only done one charted design before.  At the time I found it incredible boring and tedious to follow someone else's design.  Like coloring inside the lines of a coloring book.  This design is close to my heart and something I have hung onto for about 10 years, so I am very much looking forward to the challenge of it.

I started these last three tapestry weavings with the thought in mind of making myself a handbag/tote...each time, although they have turned out very nicely they have not been what I wanted for myself.  

I would trash a white bag in no time.  The perwinkle and white one is a little smaller than what I want, as I ran out of homespun cotton.  The gecko is done green on green and I have plenty of yarn.  It is 15"   wide and I want it to be large enough to hold a project or even a book/magazine.  

Wish me luck.

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