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Monday, July 12, 2010

Periwinkle and White Cotton bag completed

Well I finally figured out how I wanted the closures to work and finished up the Periwinkle and white piece (tote).  I created a bag out of it.  It looks bigger than it really is because the sides are simply blanket stitched together.  In other words I didn't put any strips for side walls in it so it is flat. 

I like the idea of my bags being pretty much self contained, very little finish work.  I simply sew up the sides and develop a closure and it is complete.  

It doesn't need any lining as tapestry and a boardy kind of fabric that nothing can fall out of or through.  The straps so far have just be large braids fashioned in such a way as to make them adjustable.  That way you can wear it diagonally, as a shoulder bag or even in hand bag tradition.  I am considering doing some Peruvian finger weaving for straps in the future.  This would let me put sidewalls on the bags.

The closure on this one is a draw string that also looks decorative in the front.  At first a 13 in bag seemed too wide, but once I put something in it my estimations for the size were dead on.  It is only 8 1/2 in tall as I ran out of the periwinkle yarn.

Because the bag is flat, i.e. no sides, it needs to be wide or it would be too small.  For myself I like my bag a little roomy.  Anyway, I am going to carry this one for prototype purposes.  The white one was the one I really wanted for myself (still might use it if it doesn't sell) but it was a little small.  

I will definitely let you know how it works out.

Here are the pictures.  Don't forget I spun the cotton for this one also.  My kid will definitely call me a hippie now.

Oh yeah, I definitely look forward to feed back, including suggestions.

Complete front view.

Close up front view.

Closer still.

Back view.


Inside close up.

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Krafty Max Originals said...

So very beautiful!! Thank you so very much for sharing.....I LOVE it....I remember when you spun the yarn!!! WOW!! ~KM

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