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Monday, January 24, 2011

What's on the Loom????

So I decided to do a new piece.  I chose to do another piece similar to Crystal's Christmas scarf.  

I warped double stranded 2 shades of yellow, and double stranded watermelon, and persimmon.  I am going to try to go for 'speckled background'.  Think this is the same technique that Laverne calls 'warp floats galore'.  This means that there are floats on each row of stripes in the background and as a result the stripes are hidden and specks show in the background instead.  I just want to know that I have the option of eliminating the stripes when I choose to.  Even though I have actually produced some very nice pieces with the stripes and have learned not to mind them at all.  

I also believe the more I know the more likely I can teach it to others.  This also let me produce nice gifts for my friends and family.

So far I only have pictures of my warp, but it will give you a taste.

Here are the yarns!

                                                                Here is the warp!

Kind of reminds me of Valentine's Day!  No hearts though, did enough of those of Crystal pistal!

Stay tuned, more pics coming soon.

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Krafty Max Originals said...

I like those colors. VERY nice!!! The creativity is 'flowing' again!!! ~KM

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