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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 16, 2015

Scumbling, tiny circles, with blue and green ball point pen.  

I love how vibrant colors are they just pop off the paper.

Best yet with ink.  I like how well the shading went with this one.  I see form as in not just a flat circle on a piece of paper it really looks like a ball to me

Color pencil..I still suck!!!  The ball is it too too bad but the table is sitting on and the shadow arc god-awful!!!

This one is done with crosshatching and it's still not what I'm aiming for.  Did this one yesterday and just could not be happy with it, that's why I decided to try stumbling this morning.  

Trying to settle on a medium that I'm happy with, one that doesn't smudge as easy as graphite and charcoal.

This one sucks too!

Also here's a little shot of the basket I'm working on it's purple and red.

Okay now I'm going to get back to one or the other talk to you later.

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