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Monday, July 14, 2014

Doing a little drawing.

More like practicing drawing!

Here is the inspiration picture. I found it on the Internet I do not know who drew it.

And here is my version...

Keep in mind that I was certainly not trying to exactly duplicate that photo. This is my version of a freehand likeness of it.  

Not to make money. Not to scam anybody else's art, just an inspirational photo to help guide me in my own drawing.

I have a lot of trouble with that little part over the top lip...dead center just above it.  I don't even know what that little part of our face is called, but I'm not happy with that part of this drawing.

So it looks like I'll be drying more mouths.

Just a little FYI, I never could locate a sketchbook that I was happy with. Either it wouldn't lay flat or it was the wrong kind of paper, the wrong size, the wrong texture, I just could not find one that I liked.

So I made one. I took the pads that I had bought At the art store, to my local office supply and had them cut to fit a three ring binder.

I then had holes punched in them. So now I have a very nice firm board (the binder).  I just fold the top of the three ring binder back on itself so I can draw with a comfortable size.  Plus, when I'v used the pages in the book I take them out and put them in another three ring binder in chronological order so that I can see my progress. I can flip through the pages at anytime and see if I'm getting any better or not.  Plus it keeps them nice and safe!

Here's a picture.

Already owned the art paper. I got it with a coupon 40% off months ago. The cheapest pad I saw that I thought I could live with was around $16.  Today I spent $3.47 to get it cut and the holes punched in it and I got exactly the paper I want, several kinds of paper actually. And I have plenty of refills when ever I want also.

Easy peasy and economical too.  I call that a win-win.

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