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Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3, 2014

I finally finished at 10 1/2 inches long!!!  And a little less than 8 inches wide.

Two different purple threads iand two different teal threads.  Three different stitches.

This one had to grow on me, I wasn't too crazy about the thread colors I picked even though I did indeed absolutely love the wood. I debated taking it apart on more than one occasion but I'm glad I persevered and I think it turned out very nice.

I struck out with a friend of mine and put my larger baskets in a consignment art shop in the downtown historic district St. Augustine, Florida. 

The shop is called the "Starving Artist" and it's on Cuna St. right next door to the White Lion restaurant, basically right across the street from the fort.

Only the large ones that don't seem to want to move when I go to the farmer's market will go into the starving artist shop that way there won't be any conflict with pricing and commissions.  

One of the reasons I have stayed away from the shops downtown is because of the commissions I did not want my prices to be radically different from one venue to the other. But this way I take the small ones with me and only put the larger ones in the shop and there won't be that problem.  St. Augustine is a small town in the end and I wouldn't want people to see me with a conflict pricing between one spot in the other.  

But without further ado here are pictures of my baskets.

Now I need to make a few more small ones to put on my table at the farmers market because I depleted my stock by placing the large ones downtown, so I'm off to the Pineneedles!!!

I hope you guys have a great Fourth of July and I will talk to you soon

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