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Friday, September 9, 2011

New warp!

August 22, 2011

Hated the warp I was working on...I don't know what makes me do these things.  I tried the #10 for the double weave part of that warp to see if I could make the ridge where the dbl wv meets the plain weave less noticeable.  And it did.  But I kept making mistakes because it is so hard to see the fell line with #10 in dbl wv...at least for me it is.  

So I cut it off and re-warped the pipe loom.  This time I didn't wrap around it with the warp already on backstrap bars.  I just figure 8 warped it onto the warp board and when it came time to put in the backstrap loom bars I used the copper instead.  Thus a warp that is only 22 in. long.  No rotating, no rolling it forward to make it easier to reach the top portion of the warp.  Again, what the heck was I thinking?

Anyway, the color challenge group I participate in on Facebook's colors are brown and yellow.  So, since I needed to get accustomed to warping this loom, and I didn't have much brown and yellow....a short warp was in order.  

Beautiful warp!  I used the double stranding that I love so much and added in some copper to the brown.  Now to decide on a motif...hmmmmm...Oh wow look at this one!  It looks like an owl, browns are perfect for an owl...only not so much once woven.  LOL

I believe this pattern is out of the Hellen Bress book, Inkle Weaving.  But to me he now looks more like an alien than an owl.  

I do wish that my camera, as well as this design would do these browns justice.  The subtle patterning from the double stranding just isn't to be appreciated in my pictures like it is in person.  

Trying to decide if I want to un-weave it.  It's only intended to be a book mark to begin with, so I may keep him as he is.  Maybe.

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