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Friday, September 16, 2011

Look what I did!

September 3, 2011

As most of you know I am from an entirely female family...no boys...at all.

So when it comes to giving presents to a boy child, I find it especially difficult.  Up until now, The boy in question has been too young to notice if I gave something to his older sister, however, now at 6 yrs. old I believe he will indeed notice.

As you may re-call I recently wove a purple band with peace signs in it fro my friend Max's daughter Aye.  I have been procrastinating on sewing it up until I had at least 2 projects for the sewing machine to be drug out.  I now have the band for Alissa's pencil pouch complete and need to do my sewing.  This did leave me with the dilemma of what to gift to Aye's brother, Monster.

When Aye decided she was into peace signs, I already knew she was into purple, so it was kind of a no-brainer to weave up something for her...what in the world do you weave for a boy?????  My first thought was a belt.  Only it has to be pretty narrow to fit through the belt looms of a 6 yr. old's belt.  This meant an extremely low thread count and I wasn't at all sure I could chart up a skull that tiny.

So, at work the other night I was talking to a woman who acrylic paints.  I happen to have some paints so I decided to give it a shot...let's just say painting is not my forte'!  I did Captain America's Sheild, and believe me I have new respect for the folks who paint.  Very hard to stay in the lines with a wet medium.  So I got out my pencils, color pencils, and markers.  Did a google search on skull image's and used the results for inspiration.  

CHECK IT OUT!  I did it!  Here it is still on the board.  I added his name and 'KEEP OUT'!  For the door of his room.  Can't show the finished product because of his real name being on it...But this time I have something totally about him to give him!

One for Aunt Marsha!

And he LOVES it!  I did give him the Captain America shield painting, but thank goodness it went to a 6 yr. old.  I won't be gifting any more paintings for quite a while. lol

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Krafty Max Originals said...

Oh yes, HE LOVED IT! We already have the skull on his door and the shield up on his wall! He says, THANK YOU AUNT MARSHA!! ~KM

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