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Friday, September 23, 2011

Completed project!

September 6, 2011

I have completed (in one day believe it or not) my prototype, plain weave back-scrubber on the backstrap loom.  I learned alot.

Wow!  What a joy to open heddles that are far enough from each other that they don't stick to each other.  Wow!  This is a much, much gentler type of weaving.  Wow!  Talk about faster!  I will definitely be doing more of this as I have tons of yarns that are suitable for it.

Here we have the completed project.  28 in. long, without straps (including the one fringed end) from a 34 in. warp, and it is 5 in. wide.

If you look closely you can see where I got two stripes that tracked a little...kind of odd looking.  But remember, it is a practice piece.  Lots of learning going on here.

This end is gathered because that's what it wanted to do naturally.  I didn't do my knots properly at that beginning end of the warp wile winding onto the warp board (i.e. changing colors) and so I couldn't make a selvaged end there.  Next time I know what to do though.

All the way across I thought I had my purple thread on the right of the pink in my double threading...the tracking that you see is where it was accidently reversed...thus 2 pinks side by side and two purple's side by side.  Further down the piece it didn't do this...I guess the warp's got twisted while weaving without my noticing.

This is the twined edge.  I love this!  Because I was able to tie the ends of the twining on both outer edges in with the knot on the strap at either side (so that it doesn't slip around) it doesn't gather.

What a nice neat edge it makes!  Next I might even try and edging cord for the sides!

So this one is mine, with all of its little character flaws!  Stay tuned though, as I intend to perfect it!

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