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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Warp floats galore and a circular warp.

July 14,2011

My second circular - rotatable - warp. It is done in #10 100% mercerized cotton crochet thread, once again I have re-established that I don't like working with such fine yarn on a backstrap. This warp is 30 in. long x 2 equaling 60 in. total (front and back of what you can see) and it is just a little too short.  My objective is to figure out what length I need in a circular warp to use my feet instead of having to tie up to a fixed object.  The last one was 36 in. and was much too long.  I have also tried a 27 in regular warp and it was much too short.  Thus the in between of 30 in.  I think the next one needs to be 33 in.  I need more warp to wind around the brace beams at both the front and back ends of the loom.  This locks the circular warp in place so you can beat without the warp rotating/slipping.

I am also playing around with warp floats galore with my own designs.  So far just my usual hearts.  No chart just winging it.

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