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Friday, August 12, 2011

Another failed warp! GRRRRRR!!!

July 29, 2011

Day before yesterday I decided to re-warp my my backstrap loom.  I wanted to have a sample to show folks and I also wanted to go downtown and sit in the town square and weave.  I though it would be MOST impressive if I used my own hand spun yarn also.  WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?

It turns out that my yarn is pretty textured/nubby.  Probably because I made my own puni's for alot of it.  Even though it has been boiled for strength, and most of it has been double spun, it still wants to pill and shred.  I am so aggravated with it.  I have to un-pick the cotton off of the heddles with EVERY shed.  Very tedious and annoying.

For the moment I will only be spinning for the sake of demonstrations and socks.  It is definitely a good attention grabber, especially in the southern states of the USA.

Unfortunately I made a 33 in. circular warp.  This means I have 66 in. of it!  If I can't make it work that is alot of wasted yarn and time.  

Keep in mind that since I am in an entirely new environment I am also trying to figure out how to use my feet for bracing the far end of the backstrap loom.  This means that it is pretty much trial and error to figure out the length needed.  That is also why I need to use a circular/rotatable warp.  If I had to roll up the woven web as I went it would become to short to reach my feet.  If it is too long then I can't get enough tension on the warp to weave.  LOTS of learning curve going on here. Good thing I have enough loom bars for three entire looms.  I can always set this one aside if I don't want to waste it.  Unfortunately I can't seem to think of a way to save it if I don't weave it.  It will in all probability end up in the trash can.

I did take pictures though.

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