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Monday, May 9, 2011

Cyber friends! What a generous lot of people!

Monday, March 28, 2011

So not only did I get a care package in the mail last Friday, I also got one on Saturday.   The first one was from my Ravelry friend, Gail in Conn. a.k.a. Catseye03.  Then  on Saturday I got one from another Ravelry friend CPhilip in Kentucky.  Unfortunately I was so very excited I forgot to take pics of the yarns that cphilip sent.  They are already proudly on my shelf that holds all of my yarns that are on cones.  In my heart they are like eye candy and I just love looking at all of them.  Added in with my yarns from the art center, cones that are still usable that Ms. Carol (my roommate) had, my own supply of #10's and #3's, plus what Gail added....well suffice it to say I have alot more color choices now.

That was and still is the only small disappointment I have with the warp face weaving.  I have boxes and boxes of yarns upstairs...all are for tapestry and knitting.  Very few were usable for what I now do.  Kind of crazy to take on another art form that requires I buy yarn, when I have an entire attic full of yarns.  

Fortunately through the generosity of others, I am good to go.  I love you all and cannot say 'Thank you!' enough.

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