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Friday, May 6, 2011

Another failed double weave warp!

March 27, 2011

I have a goal.  It is to do warp weave pick ups with a solid background.  OF course there are MANY ways and techniques to achieve, one of which is double weave.

I find double weave a bit tedious.  It makes a reversible band that is double thick.  I have a hard time seeing #10 threads and the #3 is heavier than I would like...I haven't quite figured out some of the other techniques.  Some I have even disregarded due to the intricate warping process.  I just haven't quite figured out which technique will meet my needs without stressing/taxing me.  In other words will satisfy my weaving creativity without thoroughly aggravating me.

Keep in mind that I want to be able to do my own designs also, narrowing the field even further.  So in my question to meet this goal, I have discovered that peyote bead weaving designs/charts are kind of like basket weave.  As is double weave charts.  

Thus, I am working on applying the peyote pattern to a double weave piece.  I have it figured out, but unfortunately when I warped up this time I chose a sticky/hairy cotton.  Mistake #1.  I also figured out that the chart will make a reverse image.  No problem, as the reverse is on the under side of a double weave.  Then I figured out that I had to read left to right, then right to left in the written verbiage as peyote bead work is flipped over every other row.  Then I realized that to make a 32 bead wide pattern, I don't need 32 warp revolutions...Mistake #2...I only needed 16.  This means I need to double my counts.

Lots of converting, icky warp.  SOOOOO, I decided not to fight with it.  I cut off the VERY small portion of double weave and decided to finish it in plain weave so as not to waste the cotton 4 ft. warp.  By time I retied to the cloth beam I knew the warp was at least 18 in. shorter.  So as I was weaving I was also thinking...what can I do with this band.

Here is what I came up with.  A back scrubber.

I actually needed one as quite some time ago my daughter re-claimed hers.  I like it and it was easy peasy.  And even better, I didn't waste the warp.  I hate waste.  Check it out.

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