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Friday, April 15, 2011

Why do I do this to myself.

March 9, 2011

Ok, enough of the creative glitch.  I am kicking it in the arse and moving on.

I occasionally get bored, or frustrated, or depressed or whatever the heck it is and can't get any satisfaction with my art.  I am here to tell you boys and girls that I have been in this funk for about a month and I am sick, sick, sick of it!  I am not going down without a fight.

I even went so far as to warp up my tapestry loom.  I really haven't touched it since I started with the Gilmore Wave / warp face weaving thing.  In the process of warping it up I discovered a few things.  

I intended to do an interlocking scroll design.  My thoughts being that it has no striped background, isn't a double weave thus not as thick, and of course I need to learn to follow a cartoon.  Guess what?  I hated it.  Big surprise right!  It bored me to tears to try to do an exact design, even though it was my own.  Not only that but I hate that the tapestry room hogs my bedroom so much.  I just wasn't having fun at all,

So once again, it is back upstairs in the attic and I am returning to what I seem to really love.  The warp face weaving I have been doing since October of last year.  

I never thought I would like the big looms with all of their technical stuff.  But a table loom, oh YEAH!  It also pleases me to know that when I have to return KraftyMax's large Wave, I will be able to convert over to the backstrap for the larger pieces than my Mini Wave can handle.

I haven't come up with another project yet, but I will...and it will be something warp face, without a chart in all probability.  Just wingin' it as usual.  But lovin' it.

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