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Monday, April 4, 2011

One weft double weave and the "Relay for Life!"

February 22, 2011

I really just didn't like the little man that I did in the coffee brown double weave project.  In trying to un-weave him I found the yarn really fraying and making a mess.  The nubbies weren't helping either.

So I cut him off the loom, retied to the front beam and am going to make this piece into a plain weave piece.  Maybe a sash belt or even an envelope pouch.  Not sure yet.  Just trying not to waste any yarn.

Here is how I saved/salvaged that yarn.  It will probably be made into an 'envelope bag', as it isn't quite long enough to use for a belt.

On another note: 

Now that you have seen what I am donating to the auction for 'Relay for Life' cancer fund raiser, I thought I would promote this cause a little.

For now here are the links for the the one The Pine Cone Teacup participates in in Ohio.  There are also page links where you can find more info if you want to get involved in one close to your home.

Please go and check them out and do whatever your heart moves you to do!

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