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Friday, April 29, 2011

Beautiful first day of Spring!

March 20, 2011

Went to the Calico Arts and Crafts show here in Moultrie, GA today.  It was fun to be outdoors...but I do wish there had been a bit more 'Art' than craft.  I did have fun looking around.

I had started a new warp for a backstrap for a friend of mine.  I met her on Ravelry and she ordered a backstrap loom from Guatemala but it didn't come with the 'backstrap'.  She has been very generous from day one (same lady who sent me the silk) so I though I would pay it forward.

She said she loves orange so I choose some hemp I had in a nice rusty orange.  Mistake #1.  Then I paired it with a bright sunshine yellow unmercerized cotton.  Mistake #2.  Minute one it was a hassle.  I also chose to use the orange for weft....Mistake #3.  Not only could I not un-weave as it was too grabby...especially as weft,  but I had tension issues due to the grabbiness also.  After fighting with it for 2 days, I cut that stupid 4 ft. warp off of the loom.  Ahhhhhhhh....instant stress relief.  It is too bad though, I think the design would have been kewl.  

Not sure what I will do for her now...have to rethink this project.

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