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Thursday, December 11, 2014


Have been steady working on my art, especially since the transmission is out in my car. I have plenty of time on my hands…

So here's the tiny basket.

And on to other things. I have been thinking very hard about drawing a skull on a piece of wood, for selling of course.  Skulls are not typically my thing, I like happier art, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway.  Especially since a friend of mine gifted me some reclaimed wood from the bookshelf.

It'll be great for practice as I do not want to risk ruining a piece of my cedar planking. So here's the first line drawing I came up with.

Be kind, and keep in mind that I am not going for realism. Just representational art. I kind of like the crooked eyes, but he doesn't look as mean as I would like for him to yet. 

I might even Zen tangle him, I'm just not sure what to do with it as yet.

And speaking of Cedar planking a friend (same friend that gifted me the reclaimed wood that the skull is on). of mine found a way to cut some of my slabs for me check it out…

They Measure approximately 13 in. X 9 in. And they were free!!! Even better!

I have also been working on a custom order for a friend of mine.  Christmas tree ornaments and a piece of wall art with her new baby girls feet prints and birth announcement on it for her grandma. I'm going to do that on a piece of cedar it should be beautiful, so keep watching we'll see what happens.

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