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Friday, November 14, 2014


People often wonder why Pineneedle baskets are so expensive.  Keep in mind that I do not factor in the time whenI go out and pick up my Pineneedles by hand one at a time in the rain sleet snow or hail here in Florida. Emphasis on heat!!!  Or when I go into the forest looking for tree lambs to slice for the bottoms. I don't factor in the time it takes me to sand the wood a drill holes in the wood and polish the wood with my beeswax mixture the only time factors that I taken to play for the actual needle and thread stitching time.

So that being said, I started this basket this morning at 5:30 what I was drinking my coffee and just finished it right at 11 o'clock. It measures 4 1/2 in shoes across the top one way 3 1/2 inches across the top the other way and it stands 2 inches tall. It's a $30 basket so I sat here for six hours working 
on this it.  So $30 divided by six hours makes my hourly rate add around what five dollars an hour 5×6 is $30. So imagine if I did factor in gathering my supplies, how much I would have to 

It is a tiny basket but $30 is an extremely reasonable price for it I have seen baskets the size priced at over $100 more than one time.

I like to make my baskets affordable.  I want people who cannot afford to pay three or $400 for a piece at the galleries to at least be able to have a piece of handcrafted art of some sort even if it is tiny.

And it is a very very cute basket if I do say so myself I think I was feeling a little bit Christmasy you tell me…

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