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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wow! Half way through June already!!!

And I, like everyone else in Florida, am feeling the heat.

And of course when it is hot like this not many people want to come out and walk around at the farmers market. So sales have been slow and I have been playing with my pencils!

This is graphite pencil on Birch plywood.

Kind of reminds me of an underwater seascape.  

I have also been playing around with my Dremel tool, I've been trying engraving.

I've also been trying wood-burning. And guess what ... I still come back to the pencils.  

Turns out both in engraving and wood-burning are very very difficult.  I am trying to come up with something that I can add onto my table at the farmers market to sell with my baskets.

This will probably be just a practice piece, but now I'll show you the practice piece from this morning...where I had every tool in the house out trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

This was the first design and you can even see I tried color pencil.

I guess as far as drawing, without proper instruction I'll just stick to the pencils.  I'll keep you posted.

Oh yeah and this is a piece I was doing on paper.  This is the inspiration piece.

This is my version.

Not quite done yet, not the greatest paper, so I'm not sure I will finish it.

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