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Friday, May 21, 2010

Shots of the new Pine needle basket saga

So I have started a new pine needle basket.  This one is done with off white mercerized cotton crochet thread #10 instead of wire.   I want to see which fiber/wire I like the best...so there will be some test pieces. 

All feed back is welcomed.  
You see, having done extensive reading and picture looking (i.e. research)  I have discovered that in my opinion a lot of the homemade baskets are way too pricey for my pocketbook.  Soooooo, I am thinking that maybe they are for your pocketbook as well.

That being said I have decided that I will be making very utilitarian baskets.  They will be a decent size without being so small as to just be dust catchers, or so large that it is a fight to find a place to put them.

They will be tough as they are meant to be used, not just to look at.  I think that is what I have been missing in my art drawings.  They are just for looking at, pretties, a luxury.

As a textile artist my greatest satisfaction came when I saw someone using my things in their home.  (Just walk through Kraftymax's house.  LOL)  So I have decided to take this approach with my baskets.  

It is still a form of fiber art and I think the average person can afford a piece of handmade art that ranges around $50.00.

Here are some progress shots to ponder...

These are called buttons.  They are what I use for the start in the middle of the basket.  They are made from vine that comes from my back yard and they are twined.

This is the bigger one.  The smaller one came out better.

 This is the smaller one.

This is the start.  Here I anchor the vines and also start coiling the pine straw around the button.

 Here I have a close up of the first few rows.

This is how much I got done before I went to bed at 2 a.m.  Right now it is 5"    across.
I try to let the pine needles tell me where to go.  As a result I am never sure what shape or size my piece will be.  So keep watching and we can discover it together.


Krafty Max Originals said...

I just love all my Pandula Art Creations that are spread around my house......I have a great love for her and her work!

The new pine needle baskets seem to have 'spoken' to her....I love it when art does that. Keep 'channeling' the art spirit.


Pamela Zimmerman said...

very interesting, thanks for sharing it!

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