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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


A friend of mine decided to gift me the labor for building me a workstation to do my wood carving. Knowing it would make me a lot more efficient and safe I was really glad to have this done for me. 

We did it yesterday and I can't tell you how awesome it is!!!  The only thing we spent money on was a box of screws, all the lumber I already had on sight.  Basically he took scraps/pigs ear and turned it into a silk purse!!! I am so excited.

See how we screwed the vice into the Cedar stump that my neighbor drug over to the house for me with his pick up. He even trimmed it for me so it would be the right height. This has definitely been a group effort.  If you look really close you can even see what used to be a sawhorse that we cannibalized for the table legs!  I have my own work bench specific to my height. Power cord mounted on the bench, fan, everything I need all within reach sooooo cool.

And this morning I used it!!!  Look what I did...

And I have no cuts on my hands. Or at least no new cuts from today anyway. I am still healing my pinky finger from the last major disaster.

Now I have all my tools and a workstation.   We're going to take a day and go out into the forest and cut me some more limbs.  
But for now I still have a couple of pieces to play with.  

So that's where you'll find me, either sitting in the yard carving a spoon or maybe a bowl, or maybe even doing to Pineneedle basket!  Ttyl

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