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Sunday, October 5, 2014


I'm still on the search for another art form that will help me add numbers/stock to my table at the farmers market.  I need something that will go a little faster then the basket work. 

Here's what I've got so far…

Here is the first successful spoon.  Amazingly enough the first three pieces I carved sold as soon as they were seen.  I didn't even have prices in mind yet so I'm very happy about that.

Do keep in mind, that I have no one teaching me. No one showing me. I am having to learn about the tools, how to use the tools, what works for me, and what doesn't work for me all on my own.

I was prepared for the fact that carving tools are sharp I was not prepared for the fact that they are razor blade sharp I've had to learn some very hard lessons along the way…this was the worst one, it was so deep it bled for hours I probably should've gotten a couple of stitches but I was too possessed by the spoons. I could not make myself stop working until the blood was actually dropping off my elbow so here's what came of all of those processes…

Spoon number one.  More like a spreader primitive but effective definitely not to be sold.

This one like the other one looks too much like you could buy it at the dollar store but keep in mind I was simply learning about the wood with whatever Cheatwood I could find.

Now for the first one that I truly consider a success. This was a tree limb when I started cut from a Junipertree just that morning.

I so impressed myself without little spoon that I decided to work on the other half of the branch. Here's what I got from it.  This one has a very long handle meant more for cooking than eating. 

But the bowls a little small, so onto the next one.

Keep in mind there were some epic fails along the way.

And another…so I decided to do a spreader instead. That's what the curved flat piece is. Great for icing cakes or spreading butter or mixing bad or it sold immediately. I think I like that place I would've kept it and used it myself I will do some more spreaders

Then I thought I'd try a little bowl. I wasn't entirely happy with it but I was still learning how to use my tolls. The one in the bottom was a little too thick but I didn't want to go all the way through either here's what I got.

I was thinking of a tiny little bowl for maybe laying your rings in on your kitchen sink while you did your dishes. I like it.

Here is a picture of it after I oiled it up.

Now for the best one that I've done so far, hold onto your hat's cause I like it a lot I hope you do too.

And now here it is all oiled up with lemon oil  and beeswax,  A piece of leather in the handle, and tag for sale.  

I just love these things and I'm so excited to be learning how to make them. I even have a friend coming over on Monday to help build me a workbench.  Kind of a birthday present.  I am so excited let's just hope I can keep from cut my fingers off.

I have done a couple of baskets mostly commission work but trying to get my station set up for the wood carving has been pretty all-consuming I am in the little pink and brown basket for my friend Alyssas baby I just forgot to take pictures for anyone knew looking at the site to keep in mind that I do ship, I do have a eBay, and I do custom work at no additional charge please feel free to contact me anytime the information is here on the blog And I am on Facebook under earthbaskets, my email is earthbaskets@gmail.com contact me anytime till next time have a great weekend!!!

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