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Saturday, April 12, 2014

I got accepted!


I have been accepted to open my own booth at the Wednesday farmers market.  Me...all by myself, to sell my Pine needle baskets.

I am soooooo excited.  I have had more success at the farmers market selling my baskets (working in my sisters booth for her restaurant) than at any other venue.

Given the choice I would have liked staying at the Sat. Morning markets, but I am not ready financially to leave my sister's employ just yet. 

 But I digress...

So I have been slowly making progress towards independence.  Smart phone for debit transactions, new facebook fan page, new cards, a table, a chair, licenses, etc...

I will be wood burning my own sign. First ever so wish me luck.

Ii think I am ready.  We will know on Wednesday.

So in the meantime I did finish a couple more baskets.

These pictures don't do this one justice.  The beads simply glow.  It has the diamond stitch also.  Simple but pretty!

Then a tiny one.

Straight stitch on this one, with tiny 'lil purple beads almost the same tones as the Cedar wood.

Then I discovered a box of wood slices had molded, 1st time ever.  

So I put them out side on my old glass door screen to wash them and then sprayed them with a bleach solution.  Hope they turn out well.

Also drying some grass.  I am so glad for the sawhorses and screen, both were scavenged finds.  Love that too. 

I am very pleased with my progress!

For now I have to go get dressed for Sat. Market.  Talk to tou soon.

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wg said...

Wow! Love the colors, wood center and added beads.

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