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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting ready to open my first Farmer's Market Booth ALL ALONE!


I think I am finally ready to branch out entirely on my own.

I think I am going to reach for the Wednesday Market at the St. Augustine Pier.  I have my table, chair, cards, flyers etc...and so now for the unveiling.

I did a dry run of my set up and thought you guys might like to see it.  So my friend Alissa and I set it up in the yard and I am very pleased with what I have managed to put together on such a tight budget.

What do you think?

Now lets hope I get accepted!


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Gail said...

hello Marsha,

How are you.I just love your baskets and the middles that your using for them.I am now starting to get into basket making myself.I was wondering if you wouldnt mind can i purchase some of your basket middles from you?Are there holes drilled all arounf the middles also?Let me know because i need the holes around them.Hope to hear from you soon.


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