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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013

I thouht that for those of you who may be interested that I would post the page I give out when I sell one of my baskets.  This one gives you an idea of how the basket is created and a little of its history.

Earth Baskets

Eco Friendly Hand Crafted Coiled Baskets

By:  Marsha Knox of
Pandula Arts Creations

My Earth Baskets are Eco friendly, unique baskets made entirely of responsibly harvested, and sustainable, hand-picked materials from the native Florida forest.  They are not “woven” in the traditional sense; they are coiled, (more of a sewing technique than the over and under of weaving).  They are made in the likeness of the Native American Techniques, as well as other indigenous cultures.

Coiling involves working in a spiral while making individual stitches and feeding new material into the ‘coil’ that you are sewing.  The new coil is ‘stitched’ or fastened to the one directly underneath it.  Your stitches must be tight enough to make a firm basket, but not so tight as to break your materials.  As you stitch the coil it would run out, so you must also feed new material into the coil to continue along.  Sometimes the coil, or foundation material, is allowed to show and sometimes it is covered completely.  Some folks even use a ‘gauge’ to help make sure the coils remain a consistent size.  There are always new materials to try to use as your ‘thread’ and even your coiling material, so each individual must find what works best for them and is available in their immediate environment.

No one knows exactly where or when baskets were first developed; we only know that they were very necessary in early cultures for carrying water, food and supplies.  Each indigenous culture developed their own techniques suited to the available natural materials and their own personal needs.  This made for very identifiable work in each area of the world. 

I personally use Pine Needles, Palmetto and Queen Palm Frond, Wild vine along with fallen wood in my basketwork.  This makes each basket a true piece of art, as it is unique and cannot be duplicated.  Often I just let the materials speak to me and let me know how they want to go together.  Pine needle work is slow, methodical and requires dedication, precision and skill. Personally I love the end result, and this makes it all worthwhile to me as an artist.  I certainly hope that you will agree.


And then we have the page for how to care for your basket...


Earth Basket
Care Instructions

I construct all of my baskets not just to be decorative, but also to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis.  And even though they are made of tough forest materials, they do require some thought as to their care.

Your basket can be used as a ring and/or coin holder, to hold napkins or washcloths, and even as a place for you or your spouse to keep track of where you have left your keys.  They are also perfect to hold business cards or cell phones on your desk or dresser.  Enjoy and use them as you would any basket.

Please never put your basket in the dishwasher or the microwave to protect the stitching.  I use a lot of rugged materials that have been dried in the dark so as to preserve their natural colors.  Please don’t put your basket in direct sunlight if you like these tones, as the sun may change the coloring.  Do keep in mind that the coloring may change over the years due to drying and exposure.

If you do need to wash your basket, use mild dish soap and a soft brush or cloth, rinse thoroughly and put in a well-ventilated space to dry.  There is no need to seal or wax the basket to keep its beautiful tones and handmade appearance.  Mother Nature has done that for us.

With some easy care your basket will live a full lifetime with you and still look beautiful.
Thank You!
Marsha Knox
Pandula Arts Creations

And then we have the newest basket...

Oh yes and one move thing, my friend KraftyMax has featured me on her blog today.  Click on her name and it will take you to the blog so that you can read how wonderful I am.   lololol

Also I am in the process of doing a piece of wall art for my friend Dana in Georgia.  It will be for her birthday (and already it is coming out beautifully) and I am just dying to show you.  Buuutttttt...if I want it to be a surprise when she gets it then you guys will have to wait right along with her.  Dana I hope you are in LOTS of suspense.  lol


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