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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A few new pictures!

September 4, 2013

I sold my most expensive basket ever last Saturday.  This one...

I also sold another that day, a little bitty one.  I actually sold out of my inventory for the Art Walk in St. Augustine at the High Tide Gallery.  Kind of a good thing, kind of not.

I have a few pictures of the newest ones for you.

The one below was an attempt at piecing the wood in such a way as to create an entirely different shape to the typical round.   Then the wood got a tiny crack in it, so it now makes its home at KraftyMax's.   She really like's it. I will make another at some point.


My friend KraftyMax  and I went for a drive and she showed me where someone had cut down a Juniper/Cedar tree.  The wood was all nice and stacked up on the side of the road so I knocked on the door and asked the woman who lived there if I could take some of the wood.  She said yes, so I loaded up.

Then I discovered that an old highschool friend works a booth at the same Farmer's Market that I work on Saturday's for my sister's restaurant.  He sells butcher blocks and so it occured to me that he has access to all kinds of saws....hmmmm I thought...Maybe he would cut some wood for me.  And did her EVER.  I have an entire 5 gallon bucket of sliced tree limb pieces for my basket bottoms.  Take a look...

Beautiful if I do say so myself!  Thank you to Mr. Billy!  Now I am going to have to make him a basket!

Not sure if I have mentioned it before but the only Long Leaf Pine tree I can find here in FL. is in a friend's sisters' yard.  She lets me have full access to it, but her neighbor isn't so generous.  She keeps calling the police every time I am there...so just for her generosity, I am going to make her one also. 
Not to mention Christmas presents and such...oh my!  Guess I better get busy.

One last thing though.  I have customized myself a tool kit.  Try explaining what you need for Pine Needle basket work in a tool box to the man at the Big Box Store.  They thought I was nuts.  So I kept my eyes open and finally stumbled on a 50% off box...and then I went to town embellishing and working on it.  This is the end result.  Keep in mind that my RV's colors are blue and green.

Perfect if I do say so myself.  Right down to the box on the side for trash.  Notice the weavings in use.

Guess that's it for now folks.  Remember Christmas is coming and I do custom work.  You can order a basket any size, shape, wood, or thread color to suit your needs.  Just contact me via e mail or phone, both are posted here and on my Facebook page.

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