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Monday, June 13, 2011

Success with a Backstrap!

I have been attempting this for a couple of years.  Off and on for sure since I moved here last March...I have had some small successes.  But this one is finally working, and I kind of understand the process.  The warp is washcloth cotton, just for practice.  Things fell into place when I found some braided nylon for the heddles.  No more sticky heddles...I can finally concentrate on weaving instead of fighting with it.  The next one I will warp one intended to keep.  It will probably still be plain weave though, as I need some vertical stripes for my poncho project.  I think this warp was 5 ft. and it is wider now than at the beginning.  Oh well.  

Keep your fingers crossed for me.  It can only get better from here!

And completed!  No idea what to do with it yet, but I am sure something will come to me.

And then when it grew up it became........A BACKSTRAP for Marsha!

And I even sewed the seam with the machine and sparkly gold thread!

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