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Friday, June 3, 2011


April 19, 2011  Wednesday

Once again I tried backstrap.  Once again I made minute advances.  It is still beyond me.  It is so far out of my range that it taxes me instead of giving me any kind of pleasure.  I keep thinking if indigenous weavers can do this I should be able to do this also.  I would list all of the issues I had, but it is redundant and I want to get to the good stuff.  Here are a few pics though.  If you look close you can see I did achieve a little piece.  Unfortunately I also wasted about 6 ft. of beautiful warp yarns....bummer.

Then I warped up for the guitar strap I am doing in double weave pick up for Dana's nephew.  It is coming along nicely, although I did have to get back into the rhythm of double weave.  The first couple of days I had to do quite a bit of un-weaving.  Yesterday went quite well.  

I started with his name as that is what we want to be on the front of him when he is playing.  We also want him to grow into it so it needs to be 48 in. long.  I did my own lettering of course and I am going to try to make flames on it.  Thus the color choices.  

I would like it to be complete by the last day of the month.  This means I need to weave minimum 3 in a day, hopefully 4 in.   So far so good.  It is 40 warps, which is 2 in. wide.  So far I have woven 12 in.  I should finish his name 'Ryan' today and then 3 in. of plain weave.  I have decided on 3 in. between each motif so I don't loose my mind trying to finish it on time.  

If I can't get the 'flames' to look like 'flames' I will chart a guitar and then flip it upside down and right side up the rest of the way down the flap...maybe even a musical note...hmmmmm.

Anyway, here s a peek.

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