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Friday, June 17, 2011

Dana learns backstrap in ONE sitting!

I passed the backstrap addiction on to my friend DANA!  

I taught her to wind a warp on a warp board, mount it onto a backstrap cross...of course it was only a 3 ft warp and of course we screwed up the cross and had to re heddle it a second time...then it was letter perfect!  It is 50 warps wide and here in the pics you can see we used mini blind slats for spacers and she is weaving her very first warp face structure!

You might also notice that she found some great nylon that seems to be working beautifully for her heddles.  No un-tying, even when pulled on aggressively, no shredding, etc...

If you look very closely you can see a little bit of the braided ends of the backstrap I made her.  She is using the same Garnet, gold and black yarn.  She is going to make a cell ph. case for her sister's birthday!  Actually 2 of the, her sister's job requires she carry both.

When we got to a breaking point, took us about 3 hrs., and she had woven an inch or so, we went inside to eat big 'ole Ribeye steaks and baked potatoe.  MAN, I so needed to get out of the house.  Their place is way out in the woods, so we worked on the front port in beautiful Spring weather.  It was soooooo much fun to spend the day with such good people, doing what I love most and passing it on to someone who is JUST as interested.  

Versus them looking at me like I am nuts when I say I weave.  LOL

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