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Friday, August 21, 2015


I've been playing around with some ball point pens doing some free hand doodles. Check it out.

Here's the first one. No pencils no erasers just me and an ink pen. Can you say art therapy?

This is number two and I really love this piece it has kind of a bluish greenish teal-ish colors and a purply blue.

Then this one came along.  Just a little bookmark. I watercolored the paper before I drew the design and I even burned the edges.

Number four is done on a stretched canvas. Not sure how I feel about this when yet. But I did discover glitter ink pens what fun.

I don't think it's done yet.

This one I really like!  It is done on white paper and I used a red pen, a purple pen with glitter in it and a mauve pen. 

Everyone says it looks like Hair.

For me I just like how it flows, however I am thinking of doing one it's all sharp points so stay tuned.

Then I did a Pineneedle bracelet. I still really like the infinity design.

So in the last week or so I have done multiple zentangle inspired drawings,  three baskets and started a fourth,  and a Pineneedle bracelet as well.

Art is a great stress reliever.

Whoops I forgot to show you the baskets…

And then I did a little purple and blue one. That's purple and blue threads of course.

 OK I think that's everything now now!

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