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Monday, August 17, 2015


Moved my rv for the second time in two months :-( sooooo, not many posts to blog!

So here we go.  Since my last post I have been kind of all over the map with my art.  Everything from beadwork to drawing.  

Here i just picked up an ink pen with no plan and let my mind and hand just wander.  Look what happened. 

 I call this  ZIA doodle "Flo". Probably because nothing about moving just flo's, it is always jagged and difficult for me.

Then I painted over my only canvas.  This is for a background to draw on.  

Kind of like how I did this one with watercolor...My friend kraftymax asked me for a "bright" sugar skull.  She loved him!

Then I did this in my sketch book.

I love green and blue together.  

I did this while also painting the canvas background and another background in watercolor.  In the process I accidently transferred pink paint from my hand onto the paper...thus the pink ribbon.

Then a little bookmark and I even burned the edges.  First time I ever did that.  

I clearly have a thing going for this "flowy" design.

Then I tried ballpoint pen on top of the acrylic paint on canvas.  Who knew there were glitter ink pens lol?

I am not really sure how I feel about this one.  He is kind of on hold while I think of what it needs next.

Then I started a pineneedle basket with whatever supplies I could gather.  My usual supplies were not with me and it was my absolute worst basket ever...

Done with cross stitch linen and the tiniest, most brittle pine needles ever.  I didn't even put my mark on it.  

But my friends daughter wanted it so I gave it to her , other wise I would have cut it up and re-used the wood center.

Now I have my basket supplies and am working on a little 5 in. Oval basket.   Ahhhh a comfort zone.  Much better.  

 So for now that is it.

No farmers market right now, but I do have my application in for the Jacksonville Fl Riverside Arts Market!  

Wish me luck and don't forget to find me on instagram and facebook under Earth Baskets or Pandulaarts Creations!

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