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Thursday, March 13, 2014

I absolutely adore the earth tones of this one!


Gotta love when a plan comes together!

Live Oak center, a blend of pine needles and grasses for the "coils", with an espresso color thread, along with an amaretto color thread.  Mother nature's colors are so awesome.

The ones with bright color thread are great, folks love them!  But for me, this aesthetic is my favorite.  Just let nature shine to it's beautiful 'best advantage'.  No bright colors competing.  

I love the richness and tones of the browns and greens. 

Some day I might even have to keep one!  

Now for a few rows on my " box " purse/messenger bag.  It has been sadly neglected.  I have been busy with custom work and gathering supplies.  

I also worked on sanding 21 pieces of wood for centers.  My compromise was the wood lol.  Even though I should/could have been stitching I really wanted to be outside for the beautiful weather we have had this week.  It is cold again today, so I am happy to stay in and stitch.

Guess. I had better get to it.  

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