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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012

I have definitely been neglecting my blog.  Amazing how this JOB thing cuts into the creativity, along with inspiration! 

I finished a basket a week or so back and I absolutely love the way the new 'harvest' has added to the mix!

This one is for Greg! 

 Here you can see the dark green of the Queen palm, the off white of the Palmetto frond new growth and there is even some of the wild Muly grass that we picked in there.  The center is a piece of Oak that he had in his shed for years.  He originally cut it many years ago for a cub scout project for his son, who is now 20 something.

I twisted the rim pieces and love the barber pole effect!

It sits proudly on his dresser and he uses it to empty his pockets into when he comes home at night.  I am honored!  Both at he uses it and that he and his wife have been such good friends to me.  Below you see the bottom.

It is not a very large basket, but very striking with the different shifts in colors.  I am on to the next one...that is if I can find some time in the day!

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