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Friday, March 16, 2012

A little chit chat and update !

February 16, 2012

After several trips to the Emergency room I think I have now been properly diagnosed and I am on the mend.  I am back to 2 walks a day with my pup's and I am not in bed all day or in pain.  YAHHHHOOOOO!!!!!

Yesterday a friend took me to have breakfast at my sister's cafe and I gifted her the latest Pine needle basket.  Last week I gifted her a couple of weaving's I did for her while I was in Georgia.  One was the diamond Celtic knot work pattern I got from Laverne's blog.  My sister loved it and the basket, saying that my weaving  just keeps getting better.  Too bad I have no inspiration for it of late.  I did manage to complete the warp that was put on the backstrap back a day before I got hit by a car on November 7.  That warp is #3 maize yellow, #10 myrtle green and #10 royal blue.  I just did simple pick ups, and the band is 32 in. with fringe and 2 in. wide.  It will probably be made into an envelope bag as the colors are wonderful together.

But as usual, I digress.  After breakfast we ran a few errands and then went out to gather pine needles.  We went to the woods where I used to live to find that roads had been paved and you couldn't even tell where my mobile home used to sit.  Bummer.  As a result most of the pine needles we gathered were green and it was difficult going as I was in sandals and we had to tromp through the woods.  Another bummer, briars and it is so warm here that the snakes are definitely already out.  We didn't see any, but were very aware of our feet.

One of the most delightful moments of the day was when we found a piece of a Pine tree on the ground with its star like blooms still attached...what was surprising was that instead of the usual brown or gold color these were the most beautiful shades of purple and lavender.  They were stunning and breathtaking.  I can't believe I didn't think to take out my camera and get a shot of it.  If I can find a shot like it on the web I will post it.

Found one.  It says on the pic that this is a Slash pine bloom.

Won't let me copy the picture but here is the link.  Notice that purple/lavender.

Work has taken many changes and I have a job on a technicality that went in my favor after missing so much work.  

I did pick up some needle point for a couple of days, thinking it would be physically easier and less messy in my space, but alas, I am just not fiber inspired at this point I guess.  I think maybe there is a little burn out going on here due to the fact that I was totally submerged in it while in Georgia.  Loving every minute of it of course, but maybe I am just out of steam for a little while.  Weaving has always been my creative mainstay so I am sure it will return at some point.

Meanwhile, I am the pine needle Queen!  I started another basket day before yesterday, and didn't like the results so I took it apart and then got sidetracked without trip to the woods.  I spent the rest of the day organizing and removing the tops of the pine needle sheaths.  I like to get them all ready before I start the assembling of the basket.

So for today, the plan is to start the basket over and watch a little tube while hanging out with my pup's.  Lacy is getting so old and she hasn't been feeling well of late.  Wiggles on the other hand keeps me pretty busy lol.  

That reminds me, it is time for a puppy hug...



Steve and Dana received their pkg.  A Pine basket for him and hand knitted socks for Dana.  Both were well received and I am so proud to think of them using these pieces on a daily basis.

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